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General Questions:

What is WebEx PCNow?

WebEx PCNow is a service that lets you access your own computer securely from a remote location via any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection, or from a mobile device with a web browser. WebEx PCNow essentially “brings your computer to you” no matter where you are.

How much does it cost?

WebEx PCNow costs just $11.99 monthly per PC. You can add access to a second PC for just $1/month, and you can add up to a total of 10 remote PCs. If you agree to an annual term, you will save an additional 20%. For more details, please refer to the plans page.

What can I do with WebEx PCNow?

With WebEx PCNow you can remotely access your Mac or PC from any other computer or web-enabled mobile phone, from anywhere in the world. It is almost as if you are sitting at your computer even though you may be thousands of miles away:
  • You can run any application and access the entire desktop
  • You can access your email, files, folders and your computer's network resources
  • You can invite a guest to share or control your computer's desktop remotely
  • You can have remote access to you computer's desktop from any Web-enabled mobile phone: view and share folders and files
  • You can securely store files and folders offline to access any time, even if your remote computer is offline.
  • You can sync or transfer files to and from your remote computer (Windows only)
  • You can print a document on the remote computer to your local printer without having to install any applications or print drivers (Windows only)
  • You can see what's happening on a webcam attached to your remote computer, complete with sound.

How can I use WebEx PCNow?

Here are some ways you can use WebEx PCNow:
  • Avoid commuting and rush hour traffic by working from home
  • Demonstrate software products without having to install them onsite
  • Travel without taking your laptop
  • Provide or receive remote computer support or training
  • Check your office email and schedules from an airport kiosk or hotel computer
  • Forgot to copy a document or presentation to your laptop before a business trip? Just copy it across using WebEx PCNow.

What is different in PCNow 4.0 (January, 2008)?

PCNow 4.0 introduces significant new features and performance enhancements:

New Features:
  • Support for Macintosh computers as well as Windows PCs
  • Remote access from a PC to a Mac and vice versa, as well as PC-to-PC and Mac-to-Mac access
  • Invite a guest to temporarily share or control your desktop
  • Remote webcam viewing with sound (Windows only)
  • Synchronize files or folders between local and remote computers (Windows only)
Performance Enhancements:
  • New system architecture for significantly faster response time
  • Launch PCNow from a desktop icon (no longer need to launch a web browser first)

Is WebEx PCNow secure?

WebEx PCNow is extremely secure:
  • End to end 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Two levels of authentication
  • Unique phone (call-back) authentication for very high security
  • Blank the screen of the remote computer so no one can see what you are doing
  • Lock the keyboard and mouse of the remote computer so no one else can interrupt it
  • Logout or screen-lock the remote computer after your session is complete
  • You control what folders are setup for remote access and any access can be further protected by a unique password
  • No need to open any ports in your firewall

What are the system requirements?

WebEx PCNow is currently available for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X. For detailed system requirements, please refer to the System Requirements page.

How many PCs can I set up?

On the Buy Now page you'll see packaged pricing for up to 10 computers. For more than 10 computers we recommend WebEx PCNow Enterprise service. Learn more

Usage questions:

How do I set up and use PCNow?

Setting up PCNow is easy and automated: you're ready to go in just a minute.
  1. Sign up for a PCNow account.
  2. Download and install the PCNow software on the computer you want to access remotely.
  3. Login at from another computer or your Web-enabled mobile phone to access your PC.
You do not have to:
  • Open any ports or configure your firewall in anyway.
  • Know any IP addresses or other technical networking details.
  • Install any software or drivers on the computer to view.

How will I be billed?

The low service fees are automatically charged to a credit card of your choice each month. You can update or change your account and billing information at any time:
  • Go to and click on the My Account tab
  • Log into your account
  • Go to the Account tab once logged in

How do I cancel

You may cancel your PCNow subscription by doing the following:
  1. Go to and click on the My Account tab
  2. Log into your account
  3. Go to the Account tab once logged in
  4. Choose Subscriptions on the left navigation bar
  5. Click Cancel on the Subscription of your choice (Both PCNow and MeetMeNow subscriptions - if any - will be displayed in the subscription information)

Technical questions:

How is WebEx PCNow different from other remote PC access solutions?

Not only is WebEx PCNow easy to use and extremely secure, but you can access a computer remotely using any type of Internet connection, including dial-up, cable modem, and local area networks. It also has cross-platform PC/Macintosh support and mobile-to-desktop access.

Phone Authentication is a unique option that provides extremely high security. Once you attempt to access your remote computer, the WebEx server calls your phone number. You must then enter the correct access code, using your phone's keypad, to obtain access to the computer.

How is WebEx PCNow different from Microsoft Remote Desktop?

WebEx PCNow is easy to install, simple to use, and extremely secure. Key differences between WebEx PCNow and Microsoft Remote Desktop are as follows:
  • With Microsoft Remote Desktop you can use any Windows version (95 or above) to access the remote computer, but you can only control computers that are running Windows 2000 server or newer. WebEx PCNow does not have this limitation.
  • With Microsoft Remote Desktop the remote computer & the local computer both need to be on the same network. This is not the case with WebEx PCNow.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop does not support remote access to Macintosh computers.
  • In order to use advanced features such as file transfer and synchronization with MS Remote Desktop, both the local and the remote computer must be running Windows XP or newer. This is not the case with WebEx PCNow.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop is difficult to set up. With WebEx PCNow you can be set up and ready to go in minutes.

How is WebEx PCNow different from VPN?

The key differences between WebEx PCNow and VPN are:
  • VPN often needs software to be installed and maintained by a company's network admin - this is costly to buy and set up.
  • Firewalls on the remote LAN must be configured accordingly to accept VPN connections. With WebEx PCNow, no special configurations are required since the application is firewall friendly.
  • VPN only gives the local computer a connection to the remote LAN, but does not connect the user directly to the remote computer.
  • Performance is typically poor for VPN access to resources over the remote LAN when attempting to transfer files or access remote files directly.
  • WebEx PCNow configures itself for remote access. VPN client software must be configured manually by the end user, and usually requires setup options unique to the remote network.

I manage the IT department for my company, How do I block our employees from setting up WebEx PCNow on company computers?

Today over 11,000 corporate customers rely on our proven reliability and security for web communication and have made us their on-demand meeting applications provider. WebEx PCNow also integrates 128-bit end-to-end SSL encryption on all remote access sessions, so that your network resources and firewall will not be compromised. We believe that WebEx PCNow will greatly benefit your company because it allows employees to work from anywhere, thus increasing employee satisfaction as well as productivity.

However, if you still believe it is necessary to block WebEx PCNow for your company network, please fill out this form to receive instructions on how to restrict WebEx PCNow on your network firewall. In addition, you will be added to our IT Administration list to receive updates should we change our information in the future.

Mobile access questions:

Which mobile devices are supported?

If you can go to a web site on your phone or other mobile device, then you can access WebEx PCNow Mobile Access. All web-enabled phones, smartphones, and the iPhone are supported.

How do I use the Mobile Access feature?

Using Mobile Access is accomplished through the browser on your cell phone using the standard navigation functions of your phone. PCNow Mobile Access has been optimized to make it easy to use with limited screen real estate and a wireless data connection. To use the Mobile Access feature, do the following:
  • Launch the browser on your phone (consult your mobile device manual for further instructions on this)
  • Point it to
  • Login with your PCNow email address and password
  • Or just click the link in the SMS message sent to your phone
  • Once you've visited the WebEx PCNow Mobile Access site home page, create a bookmark to easily return
  • It's that easy!

How do I manage my Mobile Access settings?

To update your Mobile Access account settings do the following:
  • Launch the browser on your phone (consult your mobile device manual for further instructions on this)
  • Point it to
  • Login with your PCNow email address and password
  • Go to the Mobile Access tab and choose My Settings on the lower navigation bar
  • Click Edit
If you would like to review or change your Mobile Access Desktop settings, including defining folders to share, adding password protection, etc., you can do so from the Desktop Agent. On a Windows computer, double-click the WebEx PCNow Mobile Access icon in the system tray and select Settings.

How do I view email, calendar and contacts from my mobile device?

To view your schedule, inbox, and contacts from your mobile device, do the following:
  • Launch the browser on your phone (consult your mobile device manual for further instructions on this)
  • Point it to
  • Login with your PCNow email address and password
  • Click Organizer
  • Select Inbox, Calendar, or Contacts to view the information you need